‘ritas Writer’s Retreat 2017

“From Idea to Draft” Writer’s Retreat

Take your book from “idea to draft” during this year’s Writer’s Retreat. Starting at 9:30 AM (registration opens at 9:00 AM), learn from authors Candace Havens and Laura Kaye how to plot and draft your book. The Writer’s Retreat is included in your ticket price, but you must have a Readers & ‘ritas weekend pass, author, or author assistant ticket to partake. There are only 40 spots available and you must reserve your spot in advance. It is first come, first served.

9:00 am – Writer’s Retreat Registration and Morning Mingle

9:30 am – Getting Ready to Write: How to Come up with a High Concept
Everyone has a great story idea in mind, but how do you take that idea and turn it into something more? Candace Havens will help you turn your idea into a rich story concept.

10:30 am – Getting Ready to Write: How to Plot
Alright, you’ve brainstormed your perfect story but now it’s time to get it down on paper. In part two of Candace Havens’ Getting Ready to Write series you will learn how to plot your story for ultimate writing success.

11:30 am – Lunch and Readers & ‘ritas 101
Feed your brain with a tasty lunch while the Readers & ‘ritas committee shares tips on how to maximize your experience at #FFRNR. Ask questions and meet authors before the weekend gets started.

1:00 pm – Tools to Drive Conflict in Every Story
You’ve developed and plotted your idea, now it’s time to focus on the meat — conflict. Laura Kaye shows you how important conflict is in a book and how you can make the heart of your story even more robust.

2:00 pm – Writing Fast & Being Prolific: Tips, Tricks, Challenges
Take what you learned this morning and make that book dream a reality. Laura Kaye shares her tips and tricks on writing your book fast.

3:00 pm – Writer’s Retreat Mix and Mingle

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