Sponsorship Opportunities for Readers & ‘ritas

Every year our readers look forward to Readers & ‘ritas and the authors they will meet! We have revamped our sponsor page to make it easier for you to find sponsorships at your price point. There are six tiers from La Doña: the Ultimate Margarita at $5000 to the Virgin ‘rita at $75. From in-person promotion to branding, every sponsorship is a way to put your name in front of readers throughout Readers & ‘ritas. All sponsorships will be listed by their tier in our program. As an event sponsor, you will also be promoted on this website, in Fresh Fiction Newsletters, and on social media leading up to Readers & ‘ritas. There will be continued promotion on our sites after the event.

Your name will be associated with our Guests of Honor, Christine Feehan, C.L. Wilson, Nancy Naigle, and Lori Foster.

Contact Ande Flanagan at Ande@FreshFiction.com to get started.

La Doña: the Ultimate Margarita: $5000 and up

  • Tex-Mex Luncheon with Christine Feehan: $5000
    • You have the opportunity to sponsor, in part or in whole, the cornerstone of Readers & ‘ritas. This is our annual Tex-Mex lunch. Includes five minutes of speaking time on stage, promotional signage, promotion in our newsletters, and swag placement on the tables.
  • Opening Night Dinner with C.L. Wilson: $5000
    • Be a part of the opening ceremonies at Readers & ‘ritas. Attendees will enjoy dinner while surrounded by your brand. Includes five minutes of speaking time on stage, promotional signage, promotion in our newsletters, and swag placement on the tables.

Perfect Patrón: $3000 and up

  • Breakfast with Lori Foster: $3000
    • Kick off Saturday morning with breakfast and a conversation with one of our guests of honor. Your brand will touch everyone as they rev-up for a full day at Readers & ‘ritas. Includes five minutes of speaking time on stage, promotional signage, promotion in our newsletters, and swag placement on the tables.
  • Saturday Dinner: $3000
    • Ensure attendees and authors refresh and refuel after the happy hour book signing by sponsoring dinner during the pink carpet arrivals and evening movie screening Saturday night. Includes prominently displayed signage, five minutes of speaking time before film starts, and optional promotional items distributed to attendees.
  • Farewell Brunch with Guests of Honor: $3000
    • Our three guests of honor will be closing Readers & ‘ritas with a wrap-up panel on the final day. You have the opportunity to sponsor in part or in whole the finale of Readers & ‘ritas. Includes five minutes of speaking time on stage, promotional signage, promotion in our newsletters, and swag placement on the table.

Tanteo Cocoa Tequila: $1000 and up

  • Goodie Bag Gift Cards for Signing: $1750 | 2 Left
    • We’re all about making sure readers leave with their arms full of books during Readers & ‘ritas. One great way to guarantee each reader stops by the book store and picks up a book is with gift cards. Two (2) authors can sponsor a $5 gift card (branded with your name or book, of course!) for every attendee. Includes branded gift card and sponsor mention during lunch.
  • Writing Workshop Luncheon: $1500
    • Feed all the hungry authors and aspiring writers during this limited panel session for the Writing Workshop on Friday before the official start of Readers & ‘ritas. Max 40 attendees. Includes five minutes of speaking time at the beginning of lunch.
  • Readers & ‘ritas Swag Bag: $1000 | SOLD OUT | Thanks  Kathy Lyons, Christine Feehan, & C.L. Wilson
    • Includes your NAME and/or LOGO along with our event and Fresh Fiction logos. There are two bags available for sponsorship, the registration bag and the Saturday Lunch bag.
  • Happy Hour: $1000
    • Promote your brand during our Saturday afternoon Happy Hour that happens during our big book signing, includes light snacks and promotional placements you provide.
  • Photo Booth: $1000 | 1 Left | Thanks Christine Feehan & C.L. Wilson
    • Put your name on everyone’s favorite souvenir! Your name will be on every photo printed at the photo booth. You can either sponsor the photo booth for pajama night or Saturday night’s Pink Carpet.
  • Saturday Movie Screening: $1000
    • Let’s watch your favorite romance movie after the Pink Carpet on Saturday. Includes a popcorn bar with multiple flavors and promotional signage. The movie must be romance novel related.
  • Screening After Party: $1000
    • Keep the fun going after the screening with a party in Allen I and II. Includes refreshments and promotional signage. This is your space to have fun with.

Tequila Sunrise: $500 and up

  • Morning Mimosa Bar: $750 | 1 Left | Thanks Christine Feehan & C.L. Wilson
    • Give readers a “pick me up” at Saturday Breakfast or Sunday Brunch, your choice. Add a mimosa station to one of the breakfast buffets at Readers & ‘ritas. Includes promotional signage.
  • Weekend Margarita Breaks: $750 | 2 Left
    • How about keeping attendees’ glasses filled with margaritas on Friday or Saturday. Have your name on a signature margarita and displayed signage. Pick one or both days, you’ll be the toast of the town.
  • Readers & ‘ritas Lanyards: $550
    • Your name/logo will be around everyone’s neck at Readers & ‘ritas. Sponsorship includes single color imprint on the lanyard.
  • Hot Cocoa Bar: $500 | SOLD OUT | Thanks Christine Feehan & C.L. Wilson
    • What could be more cozy than pajamas, cocoa, and games? This Friday night sponsorship includes promotional signage.

Sangria Swirl ‘rita: $250 and up

  • Friday Night Party: $250+ | 1 Left | Thanks Winnie Griggs, JoAnna Grace
    • Every Friday night we kick off the weekend with a pajama night with gaming and parties. You can host a party in one of our three party rooms from 9 p.m. – 11 p.m. You can provide your own snacks, or we can provide them for an additional cost. This is your space, have fun with it.
  • Hotel Welcome Bag: $250 | SOLD OUT | Thanks Donna Kauffman
    • Have you ever checked into a hotel and received a small treat? Let’s do that for everyone who uses the room block for the event. Sponsorship includes your name and/or logo on the paper gift bag. Must provide a new release print book to go inside the gift bag. The bag will also include a small bottle of water and a treat.
  • Snack Break: $250 | 5 Left | Thanks JoAnna Grace
    • Refresh readers with caffeine and/or snacks during the midday and keep them going until dinner. Includes promotional signage.

Virgin ‘rita: $75 and up

  • Retractable Banner Placement: $200+ | 4 Left | Thanks Dianne Duvall, Kathy Lyons, Deborah LeBlanc, Beth Prentice
    • Take advantage of our in-person promotion, even if you cannot attend. Your banner will be prominently placed with the potential for attendee interaction. Maximum of eight placements available.
      • Already have a banner? Send it to us and we will display it all weekend at Readers & ‘ritas for $200. Shipping not included.
      • Need a banner? For $350 more, we will design and print your banner for you. Includes a custom retractable banner with a professional base. Return shipping not included.
  • Craft Room Reservation: $75 | 2 Left | Thanks Donna Kauffman, C.A. Szarek
    • On Saturday, running concurrently with the panels, there will be four Craft Room slots available to be held in one of two boardrooms. Each slot is for two hours, before or after lunch.
  • Slide Show Card: $75 | 13 Left | Thanks Donna Kauffman, Nancy Naigle
    • Include promotional information about your book and brand in our slide show which runs throughout Readers & ‘ritas on the televisions in the conference area. Your graphic, which we create, will rotate in the slide show regularly (multiple times a day) throughout the whole event. This will be seen by attendees.

Contact Ande Flanagan at Ande@FreshFiction.com to participate in our sponsorship opportunities or if you have any questions. Not seeing the perfect fit? We can build a custom sponsorship just for you. Together, we can make 2018’s Readers & ‘ritas amazing for all the attending readers.