Readers & ‘ritas Awards

This year’s Readers & ‘ritas Awards is exclusive to the authors attending Readers & ‘ritas.  All the books in each category have a release date between September 1, 2017 and August 31, 2018. The genre categories are voted on by Readers & ‘ritas attendees.

Reader & ‘ritas Awards Categories

Contemporary Romance: The story takes places in this decade; the age of the primary characters can range from high school to much older. The degree of romance can be hinted or full on erotic. There should be some type of relationship between characters.

Paranormal Romance: Shape-shifters to psychic ability, romantic to suspense to horror

Historical Romance: The setting is in the past, anything set earlier than 2000 is historical. Can also include romance, mystery, suspense as long as it’s based in the past.

Faith & Family: A broad category spanning fiction with a strong inspirational message. From faith based to exploring relationships between family, friends and life.

Crime Fiction: The suspense is the primary driver in this fiction. The suspense can be low key to heart pounding action.

Science Fiction and Fantasy:  The fiction is set in a world that doesn’t exist. It might exist, but probably not.